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Birth Doula Services Package


I am committed to providing equitable care to my community. My rates are a sliding scale and I offer reduced rates to BIPOC birthers. Partners are included in every meeting.

Be sure to check with your employer and insurance, as Doula services are often covered. And consider adding a Doula Fund to your registry! Support makes the best gift.

Full package includes:


Complementary. A chance for us to get to know each other and see if we're a good fit


Two to four prenatal visits to explore your birth preferences and prepare for labor and postpartum


Continuous labor support from my arrival at your birth location through the immediate recovery phase


Unlimited phone, text, and email support, along with shared resources and referrals, throughout my length of services


Available from 38 weeks to when your baby is born, with a prearranged backup Doula


One postpartum visit to check-in to discuss your family's transition and review the birth. Bodyfeeding assistance available if interested

Labor and Birth Support Only


Includes one virtual prenatal visit to review birth plan. On-call from 38 weeks to when your baby is born. Continuous labor support from my arrival at your birth location through the immediate recovery phase.

Surrogacy Birth Support

Extended support for both gestational carrier and intended parents, with a fully customized contract based on your needs. Can include assistance in creating a birth plan, prenatal meetings, and of course continuous labor support at your birth location. As Surrogacy often includes travel, I serve clients with birth locations from Mendocino to Sacramento to San Jose. 

Why work with a Doula for your Birth?

When people receive support from Doulas, there are measurable improvements in their health and the well-being of their newborns. These benefits include a higher rate of bodyfeeding initiation, a decrease in low-birthweight babies, and a reduced rate of Cesarean births. Doulas play a crucial role in mitigating the negative impacts of racial bias and discrimination within healthcare by offering personalized, patient-focused care and advocacy.

Get in touch

Whether you're interested in a complete service package or are looking for support in the final phase.

Thanks for reaching out! It's possible Karen is at a birth, so please allow up to two days for a response.

Phone: 508.364.8424

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